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If you have any questions about our pups or concerns, please feel free to call us or if you are looking for a pup we might be able to help you!  We will be happy to talk to you!  Our number is 949 701 9258

Erica Otting

Patti Van Cleve


Email Us

Please feel free to email us at Wigglebuttsrescue@gmail.com

We will be happy to respond and if for some reason we don't, you have our permission to psycho dial us!


Why We Love Rescue.....

A happy dog always wiggle their butts! That is what happens when we rescue, foster and adopt.  Our pups are always wiggling their butts happy to find their humans that love them, will be there for them and treat them as a part of their family.  We are a 501c3 non profit animal rescue, EIN# 81-0734965, who's primary objective is to rescue animals from the high kill shelters and find them loving forever homes. Our focus is on our fostering program as that is the key to a successful rescue.  We support our fosters in every way possible and only ask in return that they get to know the pup, love the pup and prepare the pup to be adopted. Wiggle Butts will always support our dogs and provide them with everything they need before beginning their life with their families. All of our pups go home with a Wiggle Butts package that gets the families started.  Our goal is to make sure all of our pups are wiggling their butts!!!!!

Please note:  We are in no way affiliated with Wiggle Butts Transport.

About Wiggle Butts Rescue

How to Contact Us-You can actually talk to us!

We rescue our pups, one at a time and then place them in approved loving foster homes.

Foster Parents are the backbone of rescue.  We supply our foster parents with everything they need in order to provide the pup a happy and healthy new start in their journey to their forever homes.

We support our adoptive families after our pups have left and if anything happens, we will always happily take our furbabies back into the rescue!

Watching our Wiggle Butts eat chicken soup after they have been pulled from the shelter!!

Helping Families look for their furry family member.

Watching a pup that has been in a shelter for a long time finally get to their forever homes.

Getting pictures of the Wiggle Butts pups and their families after they have been adopted!


Why We are Different