Wiggle Butts Rescue

Adoption Fees

Doggy Package

Wiggle Butts Rescue solely relies on our fees to keep operating.  Our fees are based on the basic needs and care for our pups.  Each pup has been seen by the vet, vaccinated, spay/neutered and cared for by our fosters. They are micro chipped and treated for fleas and ticks.

Our fees range between 300.00 to 400.00 depending on the dog.  Puppies are 400.00.  We provide you with our Wigglebutts Doggy Package which includes, a dog bed, blanket, leash, harness, toys and chewies. 

Wiggle Butts Adoption Process

If there is a pup that you are interested in, we encourage you to fill out an application.

We will call you for a phone interview, set a time to do a safety check as we like to see where our Wiggle Butts will be going and then we deliver our Wiggle Butt to you along with a Wiggle Butts Doggy Package to get you started.

All of our dogs come to you spayed/neutered, up to date on their vaccines and healthy to the best of our knowledge.  If at anytime you have issues with your wiggle butt, contact us immediately and we will do whatever we can to help solve any issues you may have.

Our rescue supports our adoptive families and if there comes a time where you may find yourself needing to give the dog up, we always take our wigglebutts back.  All you have to do is CALL US!