​What Happens When Your Wiggle Butt Is Adopted

The adoption process is a sensitive issue, we know our foster parents love their pups like their own and only want the best home possible. We feel the same way and screen all applicants using an adoption application and phone interview. As a foster, you will be given the first option to adopt. If you decline, and we feel we have the right fit for the family and pup we will contact you and encourage you to do the home check. If you opt out of doing the home check, that is ok. We will complete the home check and deliver your pup to his/her new family and send you a family picture.


It is so important for a pup that has come from a scary/neglectful environment to feel safe and loved.  We do not crate our wiggle butts.  They are a part of the household and need to learn house rules, such as potty training, socializing with other pets and just feeling a part of your family.  The love and comfort you supply helps our pups acclimate to their forever homes with less anxiety and stress.

If there is something that you need for your pup, please send us an email at Wigglebuttsrescue@gmail.com or call us at 949 701 9258.  We will reimburse our foster parents any monies spent on a wigglebutt that has been pre-approved by the rescue.  Once we receive the approved receipt we will send payment.

Wiggle Butts Rescue

Vet Visits For Your Wiggle Butt

The rescue pays for all vetting.  We will make the appointments and transport if you are unable to get our pup to the vet.  We spay/neuter, make sure they are up to date on their shots and microchip our pups.  If your wigglebutt needs a vet visit due to a medical issue, please call us to schedule the visit.

How To Become a Wiggle Butts Foster Parent!

Please fill out our foster application.

Once we talk to you and approve your application, we will bring to you the supplies you need to get started.

We provide:

Baby gates or playpen (if needed)

Dog Beds

​Dog Blankets

Dog Food






Belly Bands (if needed)

Please note: If you choose not to foster for us, we will arrange to pick up the supplies we have provided.  They are yours to have while fostering for Wigglebutts Rescue.  When a pup goes to their forever home, we provide the adoptive family new supplies to get them started. So please do not send the supplies you have with your pup.